Friday, May 15, 2009

Decision Time: Baby Gets a Name!!

After much debate, discussion and consideration, I am happy to say that we have officially chosen a name for our little munchkin!!

Please put your hands together for...

**Drum roll**


**Fanfare and wild applause**

What a relief - I know we've technically got plenty of time but it's nice to be able to match a name with the squirming critter in my belly.

Honestly, the middle name was the toughest part. We had pretty much settled on Jaxon as the first name for weeks before we came to a definite consensus on the middle name. All told, we really only seriously considered three first names, and about a dozen middle names. I even went so far as to take a poll to help us narrow down middle name options:

A quick note about the poll - for starters, you can see that numerically Charles got the highest percentage of votes. However, that only occurred because Charles was my father's name (he died when I was 11 years old) and pretty much his entire side of the family voted for Charles solely for that reason. While I don't consider that a bad reason for voting the way they did, I also don't believe it should be the only reason, and because of that I felt like I should really only count those family members as one collective vote (and that still left the name Charles tied for second place in the voting).

So the top five names were:

Jaxon Connor
Jaxon Charles
Jaxon Thomas
Jaxon Taylor
Jaxon James

Although we did appreciate the sentimentality of using Charles, neither of us really truly liked the sound or social implications, so we discarded that one almost immediately. Thomas wasn't bad, but it wasn't great, and that one fell off the list shortly thereafter.

At first I was really leaning towards Connor, but the fiance wasn't crazy about that one from the beginning and as time passed I also came to like Taylor and James more, so we agreed to nix Connor as well.

We went back and forth between Taylor and James a few times. More than once we were ready to settle on Taylor, and then something would change our minds and we'd be back to James.

It finally came down to two factors: complete name flow and nickname potential. While I thought that Jaxon Taylor on its own sounded better than Jaxon James (the double J thing really bothered me at first), when I added the last name into the equation, Taylor didn't pair as well. We also came to the conclusion that we like JJ as a potenital nickname better than JT, though we agreed that both are pretty cool.

Decision made. And now we play the waiting game until we get to match a funny little face to the name we've chosen - so close and yet still so far.

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Nanny Dee said...

Hi Fellow New Englander!

I am blog hopping from Mom Bloggers Club and found you!

Your blog is fun to read and will be a great timeline for your baby to possibly read one day! I'm surprised that I will be your first "official" follower!


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