What to Buy for Baby


o Diapers (cloth or disposable)
o Wipes
o Diaper cream
o Baby powder
o Diaper bag
o Travel changing pad (usually comes with diaper bag) or disposable changing pads
o Travel wipes
o Disposable diaper bags

o Diaper pail*
o Diaper pail refills (if applicable**)
o Wipes warmer

* Different kinds for disposable vs. cloth diapering
** Not all diaper pails require special refills


o Baby grooming kit (containing most if not all of the following items)
- Nail clippers
- Brush/comb
- Nasal aspirator
- Digital thermometer
- Medicine dropper
- Medicine spoon
- Tweezers
- Baby scissors
- Baby mittens
- Toothbrush
o Infant medicine
- Pain relief
- Gas relief
- Others, as needed
o Infant thermometer
o Baby lotion
o Cotton balls/swabs
o Pacifiers/teethers
o First-aid kit

o Baby sunscreen (for spring/summer babies)
o Pacifier clip/holder


o Infant bath tub
o Baby shampoo/wash
o Washcloths
o Hooded towels

o Baby bath robe
o Bath kneeler/tub seat
o Bath toys


Bottle/Formula Feeding Essentials:
o Bottles
o Nipples
o Formula
o Bottle liners (if you are using the bottles that require liners)

Bottle Feeding Optional:
o Bottle warmer
o Bottle sterilizer
o Bottle brush
o Dishwasher caddy
o Drying rack
o Insulated bottle carrier

Breast Feeding Essentials:
o Breast pump
o Breast milk storage containers
o Lanolin breast cream
o Nursing pads
o Nursing bras
o Breast pump accessories (spare parts, cleaning wipes, etc.)

Breast Feeding Optional:
o Nursing Pillow
o Soothing gel pads
o Nursing cover

General Feeding Essentials:
o Bibs
o Burp cloths
o High chair*
o Infant spoons*
o Feeding sets* (bowls, take-along containers, etc.)
o Training cups*
o Booster seat*

General Feeding Optional:
o Baby food processor & accessories* (if you choose to make your own baby food)
o Splat mat*

*Items for when baby switches to solid foods


o Infant car seat (or car seat/stroller travel system)
o Full-size stroller (or car seat/stroller travel system)
o Lightweight/umbrella stroller
o Sling/carrier
o Stationary entertainer (i.e. exersaucer)
o Activity gym/play mat
o Swing
o Travel play yard
o Car seat/stroller toys

o Bouncer
o Walker
o Door jumper
o Car shade(s)
o Booster seat
o Stroller Organizer
o Jogger stroller
o Shopping cart cover
o Head positioner
o Car seat strap covers


o Outlet covers
o Smoke alarm
o Carbon monoxide detector
o Cabinet/drawer latches

Optional :
o Safety gates*
o Corner/edge guards*
o Stove knob guards*
o Window guards*

* As needed, based our your home’s layout, etc.


o Bassinet (or co-sleeper)
o Crib
o Crib mattress
o Crib bedding set
o Extra crib sheets
o Waterproof crib liners
o Mobile/crib toys
o Audio monitor
o Receiving blankets/swaddlers
o Changing table (or dresser converted to changing surface)
o Changing table pad
o Changing pad cover(s)
o Storage bins/containers
o Hamper
o Lamp(s)
o Wastebasket
o Hangers

o Crib Soother
o Night light
o Decorative wall hangings
o Rug
o Window treatments
o Switchplate cover
o Wall border/decals
o Wall shelves, hooks, etc
o Humidifier
o Rocking chair/glider
o Video monitor
o Sleep positioner
o Diaper stacker
o Crib bumper
o Crib teething rail


o Onesies/coveralls
o Socks/booties
o Hats/caps
o Shirts
o Pants
o Pajamas/sleep sacks
o Dress-up outfits

o Sweaters (depending on season/climate)
o Coats (depending on season/climate)


o Batteries (all sizes)
o Books
o Toys
- Rattles
- Soft toys/stuffed animals
- Unbreakable mirror
- Soft blocks
- Stacking toys/cups
- Musical toys
o CDs/DVDs
o Frames/photo albums
o Baby book