Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Use the Term "Vacation" Loosely

One of my co-workers noticed that I am scheduled to be out of the office tomorrow and Monday - I am listed on our interoffice Absentee List as taking two "Vacation Days", so naturally she asked me where I would be spending my "vacation".


Well, let's see. I will be traveling, by mini-van, from Connecticut to Georgia, starting at around 6:30PM this evening. I will be making this fantastic voyage (sorry, Coolio) along with my fiance, his mother, my 2-year-old step-daughter and my 3-year-old step-niece.

I'll give you a momeny you reflect on that. Mother-in-law, two toddlers, mini-van, 15-hour drive, one hotel room.

We are making the trip to the land of peaches and southern belles for a wedding. My fiance's cousin's wedding. Whom I've never met. Whose entire family are conservative Southern Baptists.

I'm sure I'll fit right in.

Our agenda: we will arrive sometime Friday morning, check into our one hotel room, attend a rehearsal dinner with the good church folk, return to our one hotel room, sleep for a yet-to-be-determined number of hours, wake up Saturday to attend a wedding followed only by a small dessert reception (which means no dinner and no dancing, and no booze, not that I can drink any way but it sounds like everyone else could use something to loosen them up), return yet again to our one hotel room, break bread with the family one more time on Sunday before crawling back into the mini-van for the trip home, to return home on Monday.

And they still have the nerve to call them "vacation days".

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